(Monday - Friday 11am to 3pm) - Except holidays
All lunch entrees are served with basmati rice, a grilled tomato and salad.
Add $3.50 if basmati rice is substituted with loobia polo. $2.50 for special rices

Chicken filet $11.95
Specially selected chicken tenders, marinated, skewered and broiled.
Chicken filet sultani $13.95
Combination of chicken filet and koobideh.
Chicken koobideh $10.95
A mixture of ground chicken breast, minced onions and seasonings skewered and broiled.
Chicken kebab $10.95
Boneless, skinless chunks of chicken thigh meat, marinated, skewered and broiled.
Chicken shish $11.95
Thick chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast, marinated and skewered with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Zereshk polo with chicken $11.95
Basmati rice mixed with barberries and saffron served with baked chicken
Barg (Filet mignon) $13.95
Center cuts of filet mignon, skewered, marinated and broiled.
Sultani $15.95
Combination of barg kebab (Filet mignon) and koobideh.
Shish kebab $12.95
Chunks of marinated beef tenderloin, skewered with green bell peppers, onion and tomatoes.
Koobideh (Ground beef kebab) $10.95
A mixture of ground beef, minced onions and seasonings, skewered and broiled.
Gyros $10.95
Seasoned beef broiled on a spit and sliced thin with our special gyro sauce.
Lamb shish kebab $14.95
Thick chunks of marinated spring lamb loin, seasoned, skewered with bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.
Lamb shanks $15.95
Fragrant rice mixed with dill weed and fava beans, served with stewed lamb shanks.
Lamb Koobideh $11.95
A mixture ofground lamb minced onions and seasonings, skewered and broiled.
Fish $12.95
7 ounces of Mahi Mahi marinated, skewered and charbroiled, served on a bed of basmati rice, mixed with fresh green herbs.
Shrimp $12.95
Marinated shrimp skewered and broiled, served with baghala polo.
Gheimeh bademjan $12.95
Sauteed chunks of beef with yellow split peas, onions, dried limes simmered in our special fresh tomato sauce, topped with sauteed eggplant.
Ghormeh sabzy $12.95
Sauteed chunks of beef and fresh herbs (Parsley, chives, cilantro and methi leaves), simmered in our special sauce with kidney beans and dried limes.
Vegetarian gheimeh bademjan $11.95
Sauteed eggplant, onions, yellow split peas, and okra simmered in our special fresh tomato sauce with Persian spices, served with basmati rice.
Perisan macaroni $11.95
Steamed organic macaroni mixed with seasoned ground beef and simmered in fresh homemade tomato sauce, oregano and Persian spices.

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