1. Hummus $7.95
A delightful dip made of garbanzo beans, tahini sauce (Sesame seed paste), olive oil, garlic and fresh lemon juice.
2. Hummus and eggplant delight $8.95
A delicious pureed mixture of hummus and sauteed eggplant
3. Chicken eggplant borani (Served hot) $9.50
Sauteed chicken breast & eggplant simmered in homemade tomato sauce, fresh lemon juice & seasoning, topped with fried onions.
4. Kash O'bademjan (Served hot) $9.50
Roasted eggplant mixed with kashk (Whey), flavored with sauteed garlic, onions & mint.
5. Yogurt and cucumber dip (Mast O khiar) $6.95
Home made yogurt with chopped cucumber and mint.
6. Home made yogurt and garlic dip (Mast o moosier) $6.95
Home made yogurt mixed with garlic.
7. Dolmeh $7.50
Grape leaves stuffed with rice, chopped onions, dill weed, olive oil, mint and spices, served with our house dressing.
8. Torshi $5.95
Traditionally aged diced mixed garden vegetables, such as
carrots, cauliflower, eggplant and herbs in wine vinegar.
9. Tah dig (Subject to availability) $10.95
Crispy and crunchy crust of rice topped with your choice of our delicious gheimeh or ghormeh sabzy stews.
Tah dig with both toppings $14.95
10. Persian room appetizer platter $16.95
Combination of dolmeh, hummus & eggplant, yogurt & cucumber dip, and torshi.
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